Squirrel! Don’t be Dug!



In Disney’s movie Up, Dug is the lovable dog that wants to please but gets a bit distracted and barks his famous ling “SQUIRREL!!!”.  For us investors, there are so many “squirrels” vying for our attention that it is hard to stay focused on our end goal.  This season’s Folio by One Capital Management uses an analogy of a woman walking her border collie off leash through Central Park.  While the women represents the economy and the dog represents the stock market they both take very different paths to get to the same place.  And while the dog is way more entertaining to watch, the women walking steadfast is the one we should pay attention to.

This folio pays a visit to 1991 and the economic trends and lessons learned.  And then fast forwards to 2018 and 2019 with what we’ve experienced and what may be on the horizon.   OCM Spring Folio 2019

Women’s Day March 8th!


Women are making significant progress in both business and retirement arenas.  Still have some improvement to do when it comes to feeling confident with investments and overall retirement.  At Q4 we empower women investors through  education, empathy, and engagement.

Two annual reports that are fun and interesting are 18 Facts About Women’s Retirement Outlook … and Nine Steps to Improve It  TAC Women 2018 and The 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report by American Express  SWOB Am Express 2018.  Hope you will find some inspiration in those pages!

Q4 2018 review and a look into 2019

We are sharing the One Capital Management Playbook for Winter 2019.  It is designed to share their quarterly views in a visual presentation with comments providing context to what they believe are the pertinent issues of the most recent quarter and what they see moving forward.OCM Playbook Winter 2019

The birthing of a New Deal


Understanding today’s new deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada requires a look back at the family tree of previous trade agreements.  Each agreement passes down some of it’s genetics to the next in line.   Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister  used the metaphor of child birth to that of the negotiations for this new agreement.  “The contractions may be painful but each one gets you closer to the baby.”  And just like adding a new member to the family, there is a lot of anticipation regarding the inevitable change that will ensue.

Take a look at One Capital Management’s Autumn Folio 2018 to better understand the agreements and how they may affect the markets.  OCM Autumn Folio 2018

Is Coal Gone?

So you’re wondering where you should invest your money in the energy sector. Based on the One Captial Management Summer 2018 Folio, it may not be where you think. There are many factors that come into play when thinking about where is the safest place to invest your money. While the world seems to be moving in the renewable energy direction, we still have to consider how much of the world population relies on fossil fuels despite the negative environmental impact. Although there is a slow decline, 40% of energy consumption used to produce electricity is still with coal and the abundant inventory of natural gas. Read more about One Capital Management’s thoughts on investing in the Energy Sector in the OCM Summer Folio 2018.

Secure Your Identity and Protect Your Wealth

Identity Theft …

Identity theft continues to rank among the top fraud complaints with the Federal Trade Commission.  Should it happen to you, please let us know as soon as possible.  At Q4 Wealth Management, we are able to work with you and the custodians of your financial investments to help safeguard them from potential theft and fraud.

The National Crime Prevention Council has put together two resources below that outline how to prevent identity theft and what to do if it does happen to you.  Please feel free to download these resources for your use and visit their website at www.ncpc.org .

Identity Smart

Mind What You Do Online – Adult

Spotting a Log in the River …

Like Mark Twain steamboating down the turbulent waters of the Mississippi; Q4 Wealth Management and One Capital Management have been navigating the changing markets and charting a course to stay away from potential hazards.  Please read their Summer 2017 folio to discover the log they’ve spotted in the river of the financial markets.


Summer Folio 2017

It’s not just about hitting homers …

It’s baseball season and with Opening Day at ballparks across the country why not compare the financial markets to the historic Phillies vs. Cubs game of 1979.  Here is a quick commentary from One Capital Management about their take on what’s going on in the markets today.

OCM Comments Spring 2017

Tax Season is Here!

Important Upcoming Tax Dates
April 1st     … 2016 RMD (for investors 70 1/2 in 2016) deadline
April 18th   … TAX DAY!
                        File your 2016 income tax return or file for an extension
                         Pay first-quarter 2017 estimated taxes (for those who pay      quarterly estimates)
                         2016 contribution to 529, Traditional IRA, or ROTH IRA deadline
For more planning details check out the  2017 Tax Tables