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It’s not just about hitting homers …

It’s baseball season and with Opening Day at ballparks across the country why not compare the financial markets to the historic Phillies vs. Cubs game of 1979.  Here is a quick commentary from One Capital Management about their take on what’s going on in the markets today.

OCM Comments Spring 2017

Tax Season is Here!

Important Upcoming Tax Dates
April 1st     … 2016 RMD (for investors 70 1/2 in 2016) deadline
April 18th   … TAX DAY!
                        File your 2016 income tax return or file for an extension
                         Pay first-quarter 2017 estimated taxes (for those who pay      quarterly estimates)
                         2016 contribution to 529, Traditional IRA, or ROTH IRA deadline
For more planning details check out the  2017 Tax Tables

Equity markets, are they like a Spanish bull fight?

We welcome you to take a few moments to read the Winter 2017 commentary from One Capital Management.  As always, their style of commentary makes for a really interesting read.  In this Smart News post, OCM reflects on the oil and equity markets, Brexit, and the US Presidential election;  all events which they creatively relate to a Spanish bullfight with of course, the bull market being the bull.

It isn’t all a reflection of 2016; our portfolio managers are quick to remind us that appearances aren’t always what they seem thus they give some thoughts looking forward into 2017.  Please click on the link below to download your copy.

OCM Winter 2017

Volatility leads to Opportunity

Investors are looking for sound financial advice during times of volatility in the world and in the investment markets.  We continue to believe that during these times it is good to turn down the volume on the “noise” factor and focus on your own wealth management plan.

Now is a great time to meet with us to discuss how any of the recent and pending events may affect YOUR personal financial picture.  Events like “Brexit”, the 2016 elections, worries over China’s slowing growth … all can contribute to emotional decisions around one’s investments.  Taking time out to meet with us to review your objectives, current allocation and diversification strategy, and risk tolerance allows us to better tailor your financial plan and helps to alleviate any worries you may have around today’s volatility.


We are posting two informative articles that give further insight into how market volatility can present opportunities in a globally invested portfolio.  The first is the OCM Folio Summer 2016 by One Capital Management and the other is Global Investment Strategy Report 2016 by Wells Fargo Investment Institute.  Both are short reads.



“Unpacking” the language of investment management

Market “experts” are glomming onto the new phrase “earnings recession” in a potentially harmful way.  The current notion is this — while the economy may not be headed for a recession, the truly worrisome kind, companies nonetheless are entering something similar, where profits have been shrinking.  To learn more click here, OCM FOLIO Spring 2016


“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” -Hal Borland, author, journalist, and naturalist

In investing, like other facets of our personal and professional life, the beginning of a new year invites reflection on the one just passed. Part of that includes taking a broader look at what’s happened around the globe. Read the Full Story >


Ever pulled out of a Shell or Petro Canada and thought, “Dang, wish it cost me more to fill my tank”? Neither have we. The love of inexpensive gas is so deep for North Americans that many of us eschew a nearby station in favor of one a few blocks away if we can save a couple cents per gallon. And why, these days, so many of us are easing away from the pump with increasingly bigger smiles, and fatter wallets. Read the Full Story


Please see the attached forecast by our custodian First Clearing and Wells Fargo. See the Forecast >


Last year, The Wall Street Journal reported that Mississippi received $3.07 in federal funding for every dollar paid in income taxes. (Delaware, by contrast, got 50 cents in federal funding for every dollar in income taxes they forked over.) Quoting Wallethub, the Journal notes that the more dependent a state is on the federal government, the less likely it is to charge high tax rates. Read the Full Story >

Social Security …

Social Security …

Always in the news, always on our minds, and now it seems invitations to learn about Social Security are always in our mailboxes!  Just this week we received two invitations to “Social Security and You” seminars offering a “conversation” and free food.  We met another advisor this week who travels up and down the Front Range giving 2 – 3 Social Security seminars a week to prospective clients.

Of course, we look at “Social Security and You” a different way.

We prefer to meet with you individually and discuss your needs and concerns around Social Security, because after all we know your financial picture better than a speaker at a seminar.  And, we prefer to invest our time planning on behalf of you, our client vs. hosting seminars that can take away valuable client management resources such as time, energy, and focus.

As people are living longer, Social Security “claiming strategies” become very important to consider because they determine when and how much money is in your hands, and for how long.   For couples, strategies are critical because when the first spouse dies it is important to maximize the amount the other spouse will receive.  And for divorcees, there can be SS strategies in play too with your ex-spouse.

The key is to research your personal claiming strategies to determine which are right for you (and your spouse) in the context of your cash flow and needs.  We are here to help you do that through advanced planning tools we utilize such as Social Security Analyzer, eMoney, and diagnostic planning with One Capital Management.  In fact, the cash flows that we have prepared for clients already take Social Security into consideration.

We have three articles posted to our website which you may find interesting.  The first is Social Security a Woman’s Perspective and the second is Social Security Guide FCC (this one is rather lengthy), and last, Understanding Claiming Strategies.  (All of the articles have been prepared by First Clearing, your custodian).