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At least stateside, we’re being dealt too many aces for even the biggest naysayers to suggest we pick up whatever remaining chips we have on the table, cash out, and head for the door. The economy created another 252,000 jobs in December, a record 58th straight month of private sector gains. The jobless rate dropped to 5.6 percent, nearly back to normal after peaking at 10 percent in October of 2009, and consumers have returned, in spite of the recent December report of a decline in consumer spending that was largely impacted by a 19% drop in gasoline prices (figures that aren’t adjusted for in the government’s release). Read the Full Story >

Q4 Open House – June 4, 2014

Q4 Wealth Management welcomed friends and clients to their Open House on June 4, 2014. The evening was filled with great cheese from our neighbor the Welsh Rabbit, great beer from CooperSmiths, and great conversation.

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Guide to Safekeeping and Managing Paper Records

The new year brings many resolutions … many in the pursuit of improvements we all feel we need to make!  One popular area is organization!  By now most of you are busy gathering information for your accounting professionals and wondering “can I shred this now?”.  Below is a guide which you can download and use for your own record keeping management!

What to Keep, Where to Store, and When to Shred


Getting the Most from Your Statements

Financial reports and statements can be daunting … no matter if they are in paper or digital versions!  Here is a reference guide for you to use when reviewing your statements.  It may be a bit long but well worth the read!


Account Statement Brochure

Minimizing Identity Theft Risk

Target and Neiman Marcus made the news this holiday season with the massive data breach their customers were victims of.  There will always be a new way to skin a cat and devious people are always going to be looking for ways to make a quick buck at someone eles’ expense.  That being said, it is important to review the various ways identity theft can happen and what one can do about it.  Please take time to review this presentation.  We hope you find it of value!

Minimizing the Risk of Identity Theft

Winter 2014 Folio

It’s January, when we all receive scads of year-in reviews.  While it might be fun to look back at 2013, it was a very good year for equity investments, with US stocks helping lead the way, it’s more instructive to go back further.


Folio Winter 2014

Stay the Course

Wells Fargo Advisors / First Clearing Corp. our clearing firm has released their 2014 Economic and Market Outlook.  Click on the link below to read the full report.


2014 Economic Outlook

Rule Changes Mean It’s Vital to Begin Tax Planning Now

This year brings good news and not-so-good news for taxpayers.  the good news is that many lower-and middle-income taxpayers are likely to be unaffected by the majority of tax law changes taking effect in 2013.  The not-so-good news:  For those who are affected (primarily higher-income taxpayers), the changes enacted will probably result in you having a larger tax bill than last year, making it especially important that you meet with your tax professional and Financial Advisor as soon as possible.  But even if you’re not affected, you need to consider strategies now to help reduce how much you send the IRS in April.

Taxes Start Early 2013

Tax Planning Checklist

Autumn 2013

You’ll likely be either surprised or relieved to learn this folio is not about funding the government or raising the debt ceiling.

Autumn 2013

The Guide to Exchange Traded Products

What you should know before you buy

October’s Power of the Purse educational element is Exchange Traded Products.  As a follow-up to our event discussion we are posting this guide from First Clearing (our custodian).  The guide below provides an overview of the various types and structures of exchange traded products and some of the characteristics of each.  It also describes some more complex forms of Exchange Traded Products.  Upon review if you  have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Guide to Exchange Traded Products