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Spring 2012

With the economy strolling forward, employment in North America making a SCUBA diver’s ascent, and the Greek debacle slumbering, at least for now, (for more please read … OCM 2012 Spring Folio .



Winter 2012 …

Happy 2012.  With the run for the US presidency gearing up, President Obama’s opponents are sure to make the economy a main talking point.  They’re also likely to recall, along with Ronald Reagan’s, for more read the  Winter Folio 2012

Preparing for Better Days

Take a moment to glance at the 2012 Economic and Market Outlook prepared by Wells Fargo; owner of our clearing firm First Clearing.

2012 Outlook

Using your Head & Heart when Giving

This time of year seems to bring time of reflection for all that we are grateful for and a pause for thinking about how we can still help others.  Utilizing our time, talent, and treasures is a common value I see in many of our clients.  Charitable organizations value each of the three t’s equally;  knowing that donors sometimes have more of one gift than another.  Now is a great time to reflect on whether there is more giving to be done in 2011 and to think about 2012’s goals in giving.

In our last SmartByte we talked about Legacy and Control Planning.  Charitable Giving as part of your Legacy and Control Plan can seem daunting at times.  I think of two types of Charitable Giving Plans: an informal plan that is executed daily and a formal plan that is part of your Estate Plan.  When creating a charitable giving plan that is part of your estate, it is important to work with your wealth management team so that appropriate language is used in the documents as well as the appropriate financial and tax planning takes place.  Whether it be a bequest to an educational institution, the humane society, or a research facility; working with your financial, legal, and tax professional will help you to achieve your legacy goals when it comes to Charitable Giving.

Learn more about developing goals and plans around informal and formal charitable giving plans by Using your Head and Heart when Giving.
For more information on Giving Trends you are free to visit Giving USA Foundation for a free downloadable report, you will need to sign-in as a new customer to receive it though.  You can also feel free to contact Kris Clagett for more resources.

Autumn Folio 2011

Autumn 2011 Folio

Read the latest thoughts and perspectives from One Capital Management, LLC.

Down on the Farm

There’s an unattributed twist on the old proverb that goes like this:  “Give a man a fish and you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.  Teach a man to sell fish and he eats steak.”

See how this article relates to consumer behavior as it relates to globalization by reading more here.