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The One Where We (Almost) Give the Media a Pass

In nearly every Folio over the last few years, we’ve taken the media to task for their hyperbolic coverage of bad but not dire economic news and/or burying the encouraging behind a wall of negative speculation.  Sometimes we’ve done it in small but pointed (perhaps a bit too snarky) parentheticals.  For the full story read more here.

2011 Economic and Market Outlook

Opportunities in challenging times

The U.S. economy is slowly recovering from the deep recession.  We expect the recovery to continue at a 3.0% annual rate in 2011, fueled by modest consumer spending and business investment.  Unfortunately, the unemployment rate is likely to decline only slightly in 2011, ending the year around 9%.  Read more here (pdf link).

Important Tax Information for Clients

One important change to be aware of is the 1099 mailing dates, which will be different from previous years. This year’s mailing schedule will be as follows:

1099Rs will be mailed on January 22
1099s will be run in two waves:

For “simple” accounts without mutual funds – RICs, REITs and UITs – 1099s will be mailed February 6-15.

For “complex” accounts with mutual funds – RICs, REITs and UITs – 1099s will be mailed February 13-21.

Run Date Electronic Version Posted Mailing Schedule Downloads


1099 First Wave 2/5/2011 2/6/2011 2/6/2011 to 2/15/2011 2/14/2011
1099 Second Wave 2/12/2011 2/13/2011 2/13/2011 to 2/21/2011* 2/14/2011

*The IRS mailing deadline is 2/15/2011. First Clearing will request and expects to receive a standard 30-day extension.

If you have multiple brokerage accounts, you may not receive 1099s for ALL applicable accounts until mid to late February. Remember, must receive required tax forms for all applicable accounts that may have taxable activity before beginning to complete your tax forms for the IRS.

It is still possible that you will receive one or more amended Forms 1099 in 2011 for tax year 2010. Amended 1099 forms will be sent to clients as revised information is received from issuers. Since many distributions on Form 1099-DIV are reclassified after yearend, First Clearing strongly urges clients to wait as long as possible before preparing their returns. Bear in mind that forms issued contain information available at that time and may be corrected at a later date, generating one or more amended forms.

If you have questions about this information, please call us at 877.749.8837

Successful business exit requires team approach

The best way for business owners to plan for life after leaving the business is to start early and work with a team of trusted advisers. Read more… (PDF)

Fear not the emerging world economies

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Is the economy like a soufflé?

The making of a strong world economy is like the making of a great soufflé. Both need just the right mixture of ingredients and careful handling. And, most importantly, no goldfish. Read more… (PDF)

Economist urges northern Colorado to hop on global train

The global locomotive is moving, and Northern Colorado investors should get on it or risk falling behind in the next 20 years. Read more… (PDF)

Q4 Wealth Management hosts Rosensweig

Q4 Wealth Management, Inc. is pleased to announce a special speaking engagement by internationally renowned economist and speaker, Jeffrey Rosensweig Ph.D. Read more… (PDF)