Q4 Wealth Management Difference

Our mission is to grow, enhance, and protect our clients’ wealth through counsel and education to arrive at individual solutions to complex situations.

This is accomplished by proactive management of the many areas of clients’ financial lives, which includes conferring with their team of investment, tax, legal, and insurance professionals. This coordinated effort helps move clients towards their goals of accumulation, sustainability, and transfer of assets.

John D. Clagett, CPWA®

John’s holistic approach to wealth management has been honed through more than twenty years in the financial services industry. His unique focus to deliver client-centered solutions versus propriety product offerings was born from first-hand experience in both large regional brokerage houses and boutique firms.

The cornerstone of John’s wealth management is getting to know the whole person and family. With a solid understanding of a client’s values, needs and goals, he creates a comprehensive plan to help them grow, enhance, and protect their wealth. Regular on-going meetings with John provide structure for staying on course.

John is a Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA®), an advanced credential created specifically for wealth managers who work with high net worth individuals and families with complex challenges. This allows him to also proactively coordinate the financial, investment, tax, insurance, and estate aspects of a client’s investment plan.

When his indoor work is done, John enjoys all things outdoors — skiing, camping, tennis, golf, and hiking. He is an active board member of the Camping and Education Foundation serving camps Kooch-i-Ching and Ogichi Daa Kwe where young men and women learn life lessons through camping and wilderness adventure. John graduated from Emory University in 1985 with a B.A. in History.

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Kris Clagett

Kris wears many hats at Q4 Wealth Management, and the one she enjoys most is creating meaningful client experiences through direct contact and personal connection.

Another of Kris’ passionate roles is empowering women financially through education and communication. She is an active volunteer and Board Member of National Charity League – Fort Collins, and a business member of WomenGive, a program for women in Larimer County to come together to help other women.

Kris is a 1986 graduate of Miami University with a BS in Marketing. Her free time is spent doing what she loves most ­— playing tennis, biking, gardening, skiing, family vacations, walking her dogs, and being with friends and family.

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Your Personal Advisors

Q4 Wealth Management is a local and family owned and operated independent wealth management firm. When you work with Q4, you work directly with both John D. Clagett, Certified Private Wealth Advisor®, and his wife, Kris Clagett, Financial Advisor.

The Fourth Quadrant Philosophy

When it comes to investing, there are four primary philosophies called quadrants. The fourth one called the Information Quadrant is where you will find Q4 Wealth Management. We put all rumors, excitement, and emotions aside when investing. We listen, learn, and use proven methods. In essence we strive to simplify the process.

As you may have guessed, we believe in this quadrant so much, it inspired our name.

Information Quadrant

This quadrant is comprised of academics and institutional investors using knowledge-based strategies. This approach helps investors make more informed decisions.

Tactical Allocation Quadrant

These investors are purely market timers who think they can add value when a sector is under valued and then time it right to make a profit when the sector improves.

Conventional Wisdom Quadrant

These investors know they cannot time the markets but they still believe they can make superior investment decisions on their own. The majority who use this method often fail to beat the market.

Noise Quadrant

These investors believe they can time the market and pick superior investments based on today’s emotionally charged media chatter. In reality, the vast majority fail to even match the market, let alone beat it.

Connections and Partners

The value of being an independent firm is that we are able to pick and choose the portfolio managers, diversification of investments, and services to fit the client’s needs.

Q4 Wealth Management utilizes Nations Financial Group, Inc. (NFGI) as our broker dealer and registered investment advisor. NFGI is the introducing broker dealer and utilizes First Clearing Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Wells Fargo, as the custodian for client assets. Q4 and NFGI do not directly hold any funds or assets.