Fear not the emerging world economies

John Clagett welcomed over fifty guests to hear internationally known economist and speaker Jeffrey Rosensweig speak on global economic trends.

“Jeffrey’s message was positive and gave insight to guests in regards to overall trends in emerging economies and how that impacts their lives and investments. A few key points from Jeffrey’s talk are, 1. US trade is rebounding, 2. Key non-U.S. economies are growing, 3. U.S. has a growing population longterm vs. other countries, and finally 4. the job market is stabilizing, “ commented John Clagett.

One concern voiced during the Q & A from the guests included the loss of local manufacturing jobs; Dr. Rosensweig talked about the legitimate concern that creates, but how many “blue collar” workers are now going back to school and getting either degrees or certificates in growth areas such as healthcare and technology. For more information on how being globally balanced can help your portfolio, give us a call.

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