Q4 Wealth Management Supports Women and Children in Larimer County as WomenGive Business Member

Q4 Wealth Management joins WomenGive as a Business Member in order to support women and children in Larimer County.

“We decided to join WomenGive for many reasons; the greatest of all is our strong belief in becoming self-sufficient and being able to care for yourself and others,” said Kris Clagett, Co-Owner and Financial Advisor at Q4 Wealth Management. “As one of three daughters, I was raised with the values of a strong work ethic, education, and self-sufficiency.  Now, raising three daughters with my husband, we strive to instill those same values in our girls as they become young women and head out into the world.”

Since its foundation, WomenGive has awarded 267 childcare scholarships and has had 55 WomenGive graduates. WomenGive relieves the financial burden of childcare to single mothers who are furthering their education in order to become self-sufficient. WomeGive Business Members are businesses who have committed to donate $1,000 or more annually to the program.

Clagett added, “Life doesn’t always go according to plan and we have been blessed that when we hit a detour we were surrounded by supportive family and friends.  We also had our education and careers to get us back on our path to achieving our goals.  The women that WomenGives assists deserve all the support we can give them in order for them to achieve their goals while caring for their families.  Their stories are inspirational and they are true heroes in my book.”

About WomenGive
WomenGive is a partnership between United Way of Larimer County and The Women’s Foundation of Colorado. The Women’s Foundation of Colorado addresses the public policy issues related to self-sufficiency and United Way of Larimer County brings the leadership, resources and knowledge-base of the nonprofit community to this important work.

WomenGive provides financial assistance for childcare to single mothers attending college. The cost of childcare is a major barrier to self-sufficiency for women and girls in Larimer County.