The Importance of the Process

At Q4 Wealth Management, we have a very thorough step-by-step process set to keep clients on track through our comprehensive wealth management model. Our process begins with what we term a “Discovery Meeting” and then utilizes regular progress meetings, rediscoveries and working with an “Expert Team” to evaluate and plan for our client’s needs.

What is the Discovery Meeting?

The Discovery Meeting is an essential component to beginning our process. The Discovery Meeting is a two-way conversation about the client’s values, goals and objectives and helps us move through our process of determining the best course for each individual client. Q4 Wealth Management does not have a blanket plan for all clients; instead, we create individual plans that are tailored specifically to the needs and desires of each client.

What comes after the Discover Meeting?

The next step of our process is a diagnosis of the client’s current situation, creation of a strategic investment plan and the various steps that will help the client achieve their goals. Once our strategic investment plan has been created, we present it to the client and move forward to a commitment of working together to put the plan in motion.

The 45 Day Review.

Our 45 Day Review is an opportunity for us to review the transition process while answering any questions the client may have. Our goal is to make the process as stress-free and comfortable as possible. At this time we will also be doing a comprehensive evaluation of investment, tax, legal and insurance needs.

Working with an Expert Team.

We provide each client with a team of highly experienced professionals specializing in key financial areas. This team will meet regularly to evaluate and plan for the client’s needs.

As the process continues, we have regular Progress Meetings.

Our regular progress meetings allow us to review progress against the client’s goals and objectives. We then determine and implement adjustments to the wealth management plan in order to invoke more progress.

Here is a visual representation of our process: