Volatility leads to Opportunity

Investors are looking for sound financial advice during times of volatility in the world and in the investment markets.  We continue to believe that during these times it is good to turn down the volume on the “noise” factor and focus on your own wealth management plan.

Now is a great time to meet with us to discuss how any of the recent and pending events may affect YOUR personal financial picture.  Events like “Brexit”, the 2016 elections, worries over China’s slowing growth … all can contribute to emotional decisions around one’s investments.  Taking time out to meet with us to review your objectives, current allocation and diversification strategy, and risk tolerance allows us to better tailor your financial plan and helps to alleviate any worries you may have around today’s volatility.


We are posting two informative articles that give further insight into how market volatility can present opportunities in a globally invested portfolio.  The first is the OCM Folio Summer 2016 by One Capital Management and the other is Global Investment Strategy Report 2016 by Wells Fargo Investment Institute.  Both are short reads.